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Engine Diagnostic Services

Engine Diagnostic Services

Have you seen a warning light on your dashboard? Or felt that your vehicle's engine isn't working correctly?

At RTN Auto Services we combine human knowledge with computer technology to pinpoint any problems with your car. This means our vehicle technicians can spot any errors quickly and efficiently, and start fixing them as soon as possible.

Modern engines in vehicles including Peugeots and Citroens use computers to manage the engine and other systems in your car. Our equipment works with the Electrical Control Unit (ECU) to diagnose any error codes or lights, and get to the bottom of what is causing them.

Leaving the warning lights to "look after themselves" can result in problems from poor fuel efficiency to the engine completely failing. Just call the number below to talk to a technician, and they can determine whether you need to bring the car in.

Servicing for all makes of cars

Servicing all makes of cars

16 years’ experience means we can expertly service all makes and models.

Engine Rebuilds & Reconditioning

Get your engine back on top form with an engine rebuild

Give your car's engine a new lease of life with a complete engine rebuild

MOT Preparation & Presentation

MOT coming up? Get your car ready at RTN Auto Services

Get ready for your MOT Test - all work guaranteed for 3 months