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Cylinder Head Pressure Testing and Skimming

Engine Diagnostic Services

Call us today if your engine seems to be losing power, misfiring or emitting smoke as it could be a problem with your cylinder head.

Your engine’s cylinder head is the large block that sits above the engine, and it’s where the fuel and air mix and burn. As it has such an important role, it’s vital that it works perfectly, often several thousand times a minute.

Problems might include warping or corrosion so that tiny gaps open up. This can lead to damage to the head gasket, which connects the cylinder head to the pistons below and causes the fuel mix or pressure to escape.

At RTN Auto Services, we can test your engine to see if it is losing power due to cracks or leaks in the case. After cleaning it thoroughly to remove any burns or deposits, we’ll put the block under pressure to see if it works correctly.

If not, you might be able to get away with “skimming” or resurfacing the engine block. This is a precision job which will remove marks, damage and impurities to the surfaces. Please note, this is more complicated on diesel engines, due to their design.

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