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How to fix your stuck Peugeot 407 Heating

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Is your Peugeot 407 stuck at one temperature – either hot or cold?

As we head into winter, you need your heating to work – especially as it helps keep you safe. And in summer a hot car is no fun at all, especially with kids or pets.

Why can't I change the heating from to cold?

This is a common fault on this model, caused by a motorised flap getting stuck and then damaging the motor.

Buying the replacement part is easy, you can find them online. Fitting with it is more complicated as it usually means taking the dashboard out, so it’s best to have an expert fix it rather than try at home.

If you go to a main dealer, it’ll could cost you a lot of money - we've seen more than £1000 quoted! RTN Auto Services is a specialist at fixing this, and we could fit it at a fraction of the dealer price.
Even better, we can usually repair it the same day – just leave your car with us in the morning and it should be ready by the end of the day.

Get in touch – you don't have to freeze or boil in your 407.

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